The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

On this page ..... a child's apron/tabard - and the only item of clothing that's come to light so far ..... for either series.
There are 2 labels in the neck ....

One has a logo -an outline of a house with "Prova" inside- followed by "Drip Dry Cotton" and "Length 20"

And the other just has an item or pattern number of "4520/1/8381".

"Prova" was the own label branding used by British Home Stores [BHS] from 1960 onwards.Along the same lines as M&S's use of "St.Michael".

Harder to explain is the complete absence of any Herbal copyright markings.

But it clearly relates to The Herbs rather than the sequel.
And it's almost certainly among the earliest items to be produced. ie.1968-ish

It's also an unusual thing for a company to do as a one-off,so you'd think it must've been part of a small range ....
.... until you start scratching your head wondering what else they could've produced.
So maybe it's no coincidence that it's the only item of clothing that's ever surfaced. ( so far )

The pic above shows the front,but the back has the same repeat pattern with a tie half way down to match the one at the top.
And that simple repeat is shown in close-up below.

No pockets.

And no Bayleaf or Constable Knapweed either.
Which is a bit surprising,particulary when the onion clan get such a lot of cloth space.And with mixed results too really. Because whilst they make an undeniably handy border along the bottom,their mass takeover of the top half is a little harder to justify.

But,all-in-all,it's a really lovely,evocative little item.
And the old romantic in me hopes it saw a lot of messy fun in kitchens all over the country  !