The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

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" Parsley the Lion " 

Same book - 2 print runs.

Written by Michael Bond 

Drawings by Ivor Wood.

No still photos.

The 1st 1972 publication
By Armada Lion [William Collins]

A 1994 reprint [Diamond Books]

Both have 9 stories directly mirroring episodes from the sequel. As follows ....

These two books prove why The Adventures of Parsley struck such a chord with mums and dads as well as their kids.

The Herbs had been a Watch With Mother lunchtime series designed solely for pre-schoolers.But the sequel had to appeal to a much broader audience, as it filled the early evening slot vacated by The Magic Roundabout.

So,Michael Bond ensured the kids got plenty of gags & slapstick.
But he also gave the adults plenty of the dry,sardonic wit and philosophical musings that they'd enjoyed so much from Dougal and friends.....whilst ostensibly just waiting for the news broadcast that followed of course !

And finally ....

Photo of interior
All 3 books are very similar in format & style,so this one double page interior shot is representative of them all - here.
" Parsley Parade "

This accompanied the 1972 'Parsley the Lion" book,above left.
And all the publishing details are the same.

But,unlike it's sister publication,it didn't benefit from a later reprint.

And it had a different  9 stories lifted from the sequel. As follows ....

1. The Sound of the Sea
2. Holiday Time
3. Looking into the Future
4. Exam Time
5. Looking for Work
6. Parsley's Telegram 
7. Dill's Stately Kennel
8. Dill's Restaurant
9. Dill's Pop Group.

Not just for kids ....
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1. Dill's Dabbles       2. Egg Trouble     3. Parsley's Endurance Test     4. Parsley's Invention     5. Mr.Onion and Self-defence
6. Dill's Television    7. Parsley's Car   8. Parsley's Breakdown             9. Dill's "Who's Who" Entry.