The Herbs and The Adventures of Parsley

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The Herbs Pop-Up  Published in 1969                      and  ....                 The Adventures of Parsley Pop-Up  Published in 1971

Both books are hardback and about 9" x 7".

Each one has only 5 double pages,telling 1 very short story.

There are colour illustrations on every page. But only 3 of those 5 double page spreads actually have pop-ups.

Neither the text nor the illustrations are credited.   continued below
Activity books- here                       Picture story books- here                       Paperbacks- here                       Annuals- here

Continued ....

Publisher's Dean and Son were synonymous with formulaic,mass market kids' pop-ups in the 1960's and 70's' 

Unfortunately,even when you take into account the young target audience,these really are very basic.
With the almost criminal lack of pages made worse by the fact that all the pop-ups are static. 
And maybe it's no coincidence that only 2 were ever printed .... despite the huge success of both series.

It's arguable who you should blame -the people handing out the licenses or the people producing the products ?

Either way,kids know when they're being short-changed.
And the more inspiration and imagination you put into products designed for young hands,the less destructive those hands often tend to be.

It should also be said that there were some great pop-ups around back then,that had far more design "oomph" to them, including slider arms so you could actually move the figures,and so on.

The fact these were cheap would've been of little interest to the recipient.
So let's just hope that at least some of them were a little less disappointed than I appear to be !

Interior pic.
As both books are very similar in format & style,I'm just using one double page interior pic as representative of both.